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Mapping the Data Landscape Summary
A particularly interesting concept that has recently emerged is the notion of the physical data landscape and the necessity of mapping it.

por Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
Web 2.0 and Business Intelligence – How Do They Fit Together? Part 2 Summary
This second installment in a series on Web 2.0 and how it can impact business intelligence and performance management looks at the world of web services, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, PHP and programming frameworks.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Web Services

por Mike Ferguson | 0 comments
Operational Business Intelligence: A Good Use for Open Source Summary
Between the cost savings and easier integration into applications, using open source for operational business intelligence makes sense.

Topics: Open Source BI, Business Intelligence, Operational Business Intelligence

por Mark Madsen | 0 comments
How Long Should the Data Model Take? Summary
There are several approaches for data modeling to ensure that the length of time spent in model development is appropriate for the organization.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

por Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Knowledge Management and Competitiveness Summary
Competitiveness today seems to have less to do with the traditional economic factors tied to land, capital or labor and more to do with knowledge – the new organizing principle for society.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

por Dr. Ramon Barquin | 0 comments
Narrowing the Telecommunications Field Summary
In 2008, the telecommunications industry will have to navigate the twin challenges of serving increasingly wider corporate strategies with an increasingly narrower, and potentially less innovative, array of tool sets.

Topics: Business Intelligence

por John Myers | 0 comments
Gaining Competitive Advantage with Computerized Decision Support Summary
The implementation of a decision support system does not necessarily yield competitive advantage. This article covers the three criteria that must be met in order to use your DSS to such an advantage.

Topics: Business Intelligence

por Dan Power | 0 comments
A Manifesto for Information Knowledge Management Summary
With this manifesto for information knowledge management, data and business professionals will be able to determine for themselves whether or not EIM represents a valid concept.

Topics: Business Intelligence

por Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
Business Intelligence Roles and Responsibilities Summary
One strategy to improve the effectiveness of business intelligence teams is to increase the clarity of roles and responsibilities.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Management

por Maureen Clarry | 0 comments
Operational Analytics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Summary
Embedded operational analytics help applications and business users take close to real-time action. However, there is another class of applications where even close to real-time analytics are not sufficient.

Topics: Analytics, Operational Business Intelligence

por Colin White | 0 comments
Open Source Data Warehousing: Get Ready for Disruption Summary
The layers of open source that underlie what is needed for business intelligence (BI) have matured to the point that they are starting to take on the major players in our market.

Topics: Open Source BI, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL

por Mark Madsen | 0 comments
High-Impact Business Intelligence Opportunities in the Financial Services Industry Summary
Financial services firms that are business intelligence leaders obtain competitive advantage by leveraging information to acquire and retain profitable customers in order to improve busines performance and financial results.

Topics: Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Data Integration

por Nancy Williams | 0 comments
The Best Architecture for Business Intelligence Summary
Insight thrives on an integrated technology foundation.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Data Modeling and Design

por Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
Viva Enterprise Information Management! Summary
To succeed, enterprise information management must align itself with the business, as well as IT, and deliver recognized incremental value at frequent intervals.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Data Modeling and Design

por Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
A Brief History of Text Analytics Summary
Attention in the business intelligence market has turned to a new “old” challenge – text and the technology that extends conventional data analysis solutions to the full breadth of enterprise information assets.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Unstructured Data, Text Analytics

por Seth Grimes | 0 comments

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