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Now that the BeyeNETWORK has been acquired by TechTarget, we have replaced our news section with featured news and analyses from TechTarget's, and other TechTarget sites.

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TechTarget Acquires BeyeNETWORK Summary
TechTarget acquires BeyeNETWORK and launches

New Pentaho 4.0 Release Enables Agile BI Summary
Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 is a unified development environment for business intelligence applications.

Clavis Technology Partners with Talend Summary
Clavis Technology, which develops and markets the leading cloud-based data validation solution for data capture, origination and creation processes, announced a technology partnership with open source data integration leader Talend.

Teradata Introduces Teradata Extreme Data Appliance 1600 Summary
Teradata Extreme Data Appliance 1600 offers companies a complete, integrated appliance capable of the deep analysis of archival data four times faster than the previous generation.

iDashboards Tracks the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics using their Interactive Dashboard Software Summary
The dashboards, which are updated daily, provide a summary of the day’s results and an interactive world map highlights participating countries and their corresponding medal tallies.

IBM to Acquire Initiate Systems Summary
Initiate Systems marks the 30th acquisition IBM has made to advance its capabilities in information and analytics.

Teradata Corporation anunciado que su solución de recuperación de desastres Summary
La solución ha sido diseñada para los Jefes de Tecnología que no quieren los gastos y quebraderos de cabeza derivados de crear soluciones propias para la recuperación de desastres, pero que sin embargo, sí deben planificar y sobrevivir a las catástrofes. Las empresas sin un plan de recuperación de desastres corren riesgo de quiebra si su empresa sufre un percance de esta naturaleza.

Bitext Announces A New Breed of Text Analytics Tools Summary
Bitext's new language technologies make it possible to enrich a user's queries with linguistic knowledge.

BeyeNETWORK Announces Release of Research on Open Source Adoption Summary
New research report by Mark Madsen on the evolution of open source technology adoption and the factors influencing adoption in the business intelligence and data warehousing segment is released.

Teradata Extreme Performance Appliance destinado a los Data Warehouse Activos de máximo rendimiento Summary
El primer dispositivo de data warehouse de estado sólido para análisis de altas prestaciones.

Talend Announces New Version of its Enterprise Open Source Data Quality Solutions Summary
The new versions of Talend Open Profiler and Talend Data Quality enable organizations of any size to better manage their corporate data.

Initiate Systems Acquires Accenx Summary
Initiate expands the breadth and reach of its proven interoperable health solutions through this acquisition of Accenx.

BeyeNETWORK Announces the Recipients of 2009 Vision Award for Business Impact Summary
Impactful business solutions recognized with BeyeNETWORK Vision Award in the areas of analytics, business intelligence, data access, performance management, operational BI and software-as-a-service BI.

Rimini Street anuncia el éxito del programa “Charter” de SAP y la inmediata disponibilidad general de soporte para productos de SAP Summary
Amplia participación en el programa “charter” por parte de una extensa gama de licenciatarios de SAP, desde empresas de mediano tamaño hasta multinacionales, con soporte para operaciones globales; aumenta la lista de productos de SAP a los que se brinda soporte.

In-Memory Based Business Intelligence Tool from SiSense Introduced Summary
SiSense, Ltd. announced the next generation of their successful Prism product, called PrismCubed, providing enterprise-class business intelligence functionality to SMBs.


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