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Datactics Delivers Data Quality Management Across Multinational Domains

Originally published mayo 19, 2008

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 19, 2008 – Sarah Bearder, Cofounder of Datactics, recently participated in an exclusive interview with Ron Powell and the Business Intelligence Network ( In this interview, Bearder explains why Datactics was acknowledged in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality, and how its applications can address the most challenging of data quality projects such as product information management and customer data integration.

“With unicode, data agnostic and grid enabled computing functionality embedded in its technology Datactics can resolve complex data quality issues emerging as a result of the global nature of businesses. “Being an innovator in the data quality management arena, Datactics’ applications have evolved to incorporate sophisticated functionality that exceeds the requirements of traditional data cleansing,” says Sarah Bearder, Cofounder of Datactics. “Datactics can effectively manage product data in multiple languages and metrics distributed across various computing resources to increase global purchasing leverage and optimize supply chain operations.  Foremost the deployment of grid enabled computing means organizations can now manage highly intensive data quality processes by simply adding in-house commodity computers to increase processing speed, which provides a cost effective means of gaining super computing power.”

“Datactics is one of the young, agile data quality companies emerging that can address product, customer and finance quality issues across multinational domains,” says Ron Powell, Cofounder and Editorial Director of the Business Intelligence Network. “This company provides functionality beyond basic name and address to handle complex data quality projects for instance stock part management and financial information system management.”  

During 2008 Datactics is focused on ongoing commercial expansion by growing its network of international partners and the identification of new vertical markets. From a product perspective, Datactics is committed to evolving its technology, delivering additional dashboard process management capabilities, in order to simplify the management of increasingly complicated data quality processes.

To listen to the interview, please click here.

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About Datactics
Datactics specializes in data quality management technology, delivering applications to analyze, process and manage volumes of disparate data types distributed across multiple computing resources or located within a centralized location. Its highly scalable and powerful solutions provide tangible benefits such as increased purchasing leverage, supply chain efficiencies, reduction in fraud and increased compliance. Clients worldwide include KPMG, Terex, Philips, LongIslands’ Largest Health Care Provider, Bank of Ireland and numerous UK local government authorities.

Datactics products can be utilized in batch or real time environments and deployed as stand alone, embedded with other applications or via web services (SOA). Typical business applications include ‘Single View of Truth’ (e.g. product, supplier or customer) and data integration applications including web based solutions featuring applications such as Data Quality Firewall, Remote Data Validation and Federated Search.  Its diverse applications include product information management, CRM/single view of customer, compliance & governance, fraud detection and direct marketing.

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SOURCE: Datactics Delivers Data Quality Management Across Multinational Domains



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